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Up your grilling game with the Grill Beast’s Custom Grill Grate. It’s designed to give you everything you need for perfectly grilled food!

  • Wide grates produce a fantastic sear and build a fabulous crust on your meat, much like a flat top.
  • The custom slots allow rich smoky flavors to permeate your food for delicious results.
  • Made from solid 3/16" thick steel for durability and superior strength
  • “Grill Beast” is laser cut into the grate to provide a special custom look for your grill.

The Grill Beast Custom Grill Grate is the perfect addition to your barbecue equipment, and we know you’ll love the results you achieve with this fantastic grilling accessory.

The Grill Beast Custom Grill Grate is the perfect addition to your barbecue equipment, and we know you’ll love the results you achieve with this fantastic grilling accessory.

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Ask a Question
  • Does it hinge made in usa?

    Hi Bruce,

    The grate does not hinge but it is made in the USA. 

  • Looking for a grate for a pit boss k24 are you able to make one and also how much shipping would be to Nova Scotia Canada cheers.


    Send me an email to pat@grillbeast with the size and your address and I'll let you know. 

    Pat Johnson

  • I need a 22 grids cast iron back to front (2)16&1/4 and (1)16 Its possible you have those dimensions

    You want 2 grates 22" deep 1 16 1/4" and 1 16" . Is this correct? They are steel and it would be $250 shipped.
    Send me an email a pat@grillbeast,com

  • Will this fit on the big Green egg large size

    We make it to fit the grill you have. If you email with your exact measuremnets we can send you the exact price.

  • do you have to season the grate?

    Hi William,

    Grill Beast Grill Grates Care and use Instructions   Fire up grill and get temp to around 400˚. Oil grates on both sides and place on hot grill. Let oil on grate smoke off then remove. Let cool and repeat the heating process one or two more times. Clean top of grate after each use and oil.         If you have any questions call Pat @ 443-880-0478

  • Hi,I just have a couple of questions.Do you make them for the 2xl big green egg? If so what's the cost for a plain grate?are they cast iron? Thanks

    Hi Mitch,

    We can make them any size you want. They are 3/16 inch steel. 

  • Is the material stainless steel?

    Hi, No this is regular steel.

  • Can I get a rectangular grate, one piece, 19" deep by 23" wide?


    Go to the grates on the website and use the drop down box where it say's Weber 22 and click custom grate .

  • Can you put my last name instead of the grill beast?

    Hi Guy,

    Yes we can put what you like on it. 

  • Do you need to season the grate

    Hi Tony,

    Yes, I do a few times with flax seed oil. works great 

  • I need a grate like that ! round but larger than that the size I need is 27 1/2 '' do you make them in this size !! it doesn't half to be that fancy as long as I can cook hamburgers hot dogs or steaks !! and what would it cost!!! I probably couldn't afford it anyway! thanks

    Hi Robert, Yes we can make them any size you need. Is 27 1/2" the exact size?... send an email to Pat